Ravindra Junction boxes are available for 20mm and 25mm diameter pipes. They are manufactured in 2 ways, 3 ways & 4 way configurations. Ravindra junction boxes are manufactured using superior grade material in order that they have sufficient mechanical strength to stand high impact while bending laid in concrete.


Saddle with base is manufactured in 20 mm and 25 mm sizes for wall mounting (surface conducting) of electrical conduit. They are manufactured in grey and black color and are supplied with screws.


Female adaptors are used for pipe ending in gang boxes. These are manufactured in 20mm and 25 mm sizes.


Ravindra conduits can be connected to form a simple long conduit, by the use of couplers. In case of long straight runs, the use of expansion couplers is recommended after every 6m to absorb expansion and avoid conduit buckling.


Bends of different length (short & long) are available to suit your needs. One of the most outstanding features of Ravindra Pipes is that they can be cold bent of site through the use of bending springs. This feature allows pipes to bend of angles other than 90 if required.

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