uPVC pipes are most suitable to be used as electrical conduits as they are manufactured to confirm to IS:9537 specifications. Ravindra electrical conduits are unplasticized and as a result are non supporters of combustiuon. Their smooth interior finish facilitates easy drawing of wires in electrical systems. They are available with a range of necessary for establishing a complete system


Normal Size Outer Tolerance on Inside Dia(Min.)
Light Medium Heavy Heavy
20 20 -0.3 17.40 16.9 15.80
25 25 -0.4 22.1 21.4 20.6
32 32 -0.4 28.6 27.6 26.6
40 40 -0.4 35.8 35.4 34.4
50 50 -0.5 45.1 44.3 43.2
63 63 -0.6 57.0 - -


To ensure that only the best products reach our customers, Ravindra conduits & fittings are subjected to stringent quality tests to establish compliance with standards. Ravindra Conduits are ISI marked and conform to BS standard as well. The tests conducted are:

  • Checking of Dimension of the conduit
  • Bending Test
  • Impact Test
  • Compression Test
  • Collapse Test
  • Resistance to Heat
  • Resistance to burning
  • Electrical characteristics


Bending of conduits of 20 mm and 25mm diameters can be done at site, without heating, by using a bending spring. The spring is a circular section spring and of O.D. according to the I.D. of the conduit. The spring is tied with a strong nylon string at one end through the eye provided on the spring. The string is used to withdraw the spring after bending.

Lower the spring eye first into the pipe up to the point where it is to bend. After inserting the spring, the bend can be made ‘cold’ (i.e. of the ambient temperature) by hand or across the knee.

The bending is carried out slightly beyond the required angle and allowing the conduit to recover back to the required position.

The bending should not be done too fast and once made; a bend should not be forced backwards as these actions can lead to conduit or spring damage.

The spring is withdrawn by pulling string. By this method bend can be made efficiently t site.

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